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My Ride: RB25det Onevia
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Default BukkaneNinja's - RB25det Onevia

(I will update this thread as I go, at work now, will put pictures up when i'm at home)

Hey guys,

Starting the story...

Used to own a R33 GTS-T Skyline, manual, standard everything, stupidly loud stereo. Used to do a fair bit of spirited driving - Came unstuck (Of all places....) on Mt Gravatt Mountain. Combination of damp road + bald tyres + over confidence.

Ended up buying another R33 for a daily and ripped all the bits I could from the old Skyline before wrecking the shell. I was chatting with a mate one day, who had a S13 Silvia, he had just bought a R32 GTR and decided the Sil needed to go, I stepped in and got it for a Bargain! SR20, manual - $700 with rego.

I then did a swap (After it sat for 6 months in my yard) with a friend who had the same car - but Auto. Wanted to do the manual conversion, I decided, RB25det swap from my skyline and traded her the car, with $500 my way.

I then went about my long drawn out build...

Started by buying a McKinney kit from the states (Best kit there is, sits the engine lower and further back, stopping alot of handling issues i've heard about)
Stripped the entire car back and removed all the sound deadner (Do yourself a favour, use dry ice - I didn't know about it until I had a friend laughing at me for using a chisel to slowly chip away >.<)
After this, decided I was going to fit AS MUCH AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE from my old R33. I'll jump ahead in time

Currently as it sits has:

RB25det engine - Standard @ 210 RWKW
HALTECH platinum pro plugin ECU + IQ3 Racepack dash / Greddy FMIC / Sard fuel Reg / Walbro 400lph pump / Thermostatic Oil cooler / Power steering cooler / spitfire coilpacks
RB25det Gearbox - Standard
Fitted with McKinney Motorsport kit (Solid mounts)
Standard clutch - With braided clutch line
Custom 1 piece tailshaft - 800 hp rated.
Rear end - R33 GTS-T full cradle (Diff, brakes etc) with solid alloy bushes


Driftworks CS2 Coilovers all round.
Every possible adjustable arm from the Driftworks range - Big thanks to Phil @ Cartel.
White Rota Torques - 17 x 9 + 12 with Federal RSR Semi slicks
Full R33 GTS-T Brake upgrade, with slotted rotor's and EBC Green stuff pads, Hel braided lines.
Geomaster knuckles front and rear


SPARCO Circuit Pro seat
Drifworks 4 point harness
Drifworks Nardi deepdish wheel
Quick release boss
IQ3 Racepack dash, custom cluster with led light setup
S15 Dash + centre console
Custom switch panel
Stripped 2 seater + full cusco bolt in cage.
Battery conversion to boot on billet aluminum tray.
Rear strut brace


30mm Fibreglass vented widebody front guards
Fibreglass vented bonnet
Random unkown rear bar
Vanquish 180SX front bar
Genuine G-Corporation 50mm wide rear fenders
Lexen rear 1/4 windows
Custom paint - Flugplatz Blue from the 2013 Austin Martin Vanquish.

I may have forgotten some stuff but meh.

This ENTIRE build, has been done by myself with the help of mates and beers - I'm extremely happy with it.

Future plans:

Thinking of going into time attack or drift, not 100% sure yet, i've had one track day and was hooked, still haven't done the drifting thing yet...

Diff upgrade - Cusco/Kaaz/Nismo 2 way LSD (Depending on what I decide to use the car for)
Clutch - Get a decent clutch -
Seats - Get a decent seat for anyone who wants to come with
Front sway bars.
Sway bars

From there who knows! The thing handles incredible and I'm still a long way from having the balls to find the cars limits...

Let me know what you think! (Positive and Negative - I'm all for learning)

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