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Default Ross Racing Dampers Here!

MJ RACE Harmonic Balancers / Crank Pulley Dampers

For Circuit & Drag Racing

These are made for racing purposes, and are usually custom designed for top end race engine builders, off the shelf this Harmonic balancer will not always run std pulley belt location.

MJ Race balancers/dampers are made from the highest grades of materials that don’t break.

For Naturally aspirated and turbo engines the crank hubs are made from 7075 aerospace alloy.

But in the case of supercharged engines 4340 alloy steel is used for the crank hubs.

The accessory drive pulley ratios are mostly between 10% and 25% underdrive.

This prevents engine overheating , alternator and power steering failures due to overspeed.
These harmonic balancers / crank pulley dampers are made to suit ANDRA requirements and meets sfi rules If your engine regularly sees RPM between 10% and 20% more than standard and you are racing on the track doing multi lap events, using fuel cuts and rev limiters in the programming of your engine, as well as rapid accelleration and decelleration then you will need a race series balancer / damper.

If you are running RB Nissan the balancer / damper has no provision for A/C belt The accessory drive pulleys are mostly underdriven and in some models up to 20%. (Consult catalogue).

Race Series Harmonic Balancers / Crank Pulley Dampers are bonded balancers created for circuit and drag racing applications. Much of the range is instock while customised Harmonic Balancers / Crank Pulley Dampers can also be manufactured to suit individual needs and specifications. The race series may not suit original OEM pulley setups.

METAL JACKET Harmonic Balancers / Crank Pulley Dampers

A World First In Balancer / Damper Design !! Encased Dampener Within Balancers

Introducing a revolutionary development in torsional dampening technology. Utilising the ROSS Tuffbond original elastrometric bonding process to produce the ROSS Metaljacket® series harmonic balancers / crank pulley dampers.
Metaljacket Harmonic Balancers/Crank Dampers designed and manufactured by ROSS.

Metaljacket use the highest spec. 6000 series alloys along with aerospace 7075 hard anodised crankshaft hubs.

Metaljacket is designed to be used on race machines that are driven by enthusiasts on the street, strip,circuit or on the water.

The accessary drive pulley ratios are standard unless requested.

These are the worlds best used by world champions.

•360 timing marks at 1° intervals
•Adjustable timing disc, for TDC accuracy
•Precision CNC machined 40 Tonne tensile alloy steel hub and vibration dampening ring
•Dampening ring and hub permanently bonded together on TWO axis by our exclusive Tuffbond elastrometric bonding process, ensuring maximum harmful vibrations are absorbed.
•balancer is anodized for durability and appearance
•Absorbs more damaging torsional harmonic vibrations
•Quicker engine acceleration
•Increases engine life
•Lifetime warranty, even for racing use - a world first!
•Never requires maintenance or rebuilding - ever!
•Rated to 1500 HP
•Encapsulated MetaL Jacket® design exceeds AN DRA and SF1 i8.1(USA) requirements
•Fits standard or modified engines
•Affordably priced

NEXUS Series Harmonic Balancers / Crank Pulley Dampers

Enduring Reliability Without The Refinements Of The Metal Jacket

NEXUS! This balancer is similar to a genuine (o.e.m.) product in the way they are assembled using the rubber bonding process, however they are far stronger than the cast iron genuine product.


Nexus is made from 40 ton tensile billet carbon steel , its tuff.

This is an entry level performance harmonic balancer/crank damper, so if you just want to get going after your factory unit has broken this is the one for you!

NEXUS! The exciting new range of harmonic balancers within the ROSS TUFFBOND group aimed at satisfying the needs of those who realise and appreciate the enduring reliability of ROSS TUFFBOND Harmonic Balancers / Crank Pulley Dampers but don’t need all of the refinements of the MetalJacket Harmonic balancer range.

NEXUS Harmonic Balancers / Crank Pulley Dampers are machined on our own CNC machines in Australia, from 1045 grade carbon steel and bonded using the super reliable TUFFBOND molecular bonding process developed by ROSS and used continuously since 1981.

The NEXUS harmonic balancer / crank pulley damper range are all balanced in our factory and are made to exceed A.N.D.R.A. requirements for drag racing in AUSTRALIA. Each NEXUS harmonic balancer / crank pulley damper is chemically treated to provide a long rust free life in service and after treatment they are Laser engraved with logo, part number and radially engraved timing marks.

306200 -Nissan -RB20 - MJ - $570.00
306101 - Nissan - RB25 Nexus - $475.00
306201 - Nissan - RB25 -MJ - $608.00
306501 - Nissan - RB25 -Race - $646.00
306102 - Nissan - RB26-R32 - Nexus - $456.00
306103 - Nissan - RB26-R33 - Nexus - $456.00
306104 - Nissan - RB26-R34 - Nexus - $456.00
306202 - Nissan - RB26 - R32 - MJ - $608.00
306203 - Nissan - RB26 - R33 - MJ - $608.00
306203 - Nissan - RB26 - R34 - MJ - $608.00
306212 - Nissan - RB26-R32 20%U/drive p/steer - MJ - $627.00
306213 - Nissan - RB26-R33 20%U/drive p/steer - MJ - $627.00
306213 - Nissan - RB26-R34 20%U/drive p/steer - MJ - $627.00
306510 - Nissan - RB26-R32 10% U/drive w/p No A/C 20%u/drive p/steer Race - $646.00
306511 - Nissan - RB26-R33 10% U/drive w/p No A/C 20%U/drive p/steer
Race - $646.00
306511 - Nissan - RB26-R34 10% U/drive w/p No A/C 20%U/drive p/steer
Race - $646.00

RB30 balancer - 2 weeks
RB25 MJ - in stock
RB25 race - in stock
RB26 r32 - in stock
RB26 r33/34 - in stock

Most stock with the best prices! Carrying: AEM, ARC, Brian Crower, Cusco, Exedy, Greddy, HKS, Koyo, Nismo, Power Enterprise, SARD, Tomei, Volk, Forgeline, Nissan OEM, Manley, Supertech and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

Tomei USA Distributor!!!

Motec DEALER !!


Want to be a Dealer or Distributor for your region of the world? Contact us for more details!!!

Joe Lamb - Vice President
Ph: (817) 350-4715
Fax: (817) 886-8661
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