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Default AAC Hose routing ?'s

I'm reassembling the intake side of my motor. Most of the hoses weren't connected when I bought it, and I'm not sure where they go.

What I think:

1: Brake booster - I'm running a boosterless master cylinder, so can I just block this?

2: Small nipple on plenum. - This is pinched a bit on mine, can I use #1 instead?

3 & 4: Large nipples on plenum.

5: BOV


I appreciate any help!
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Default Re: AAC Hose routing ?'s

here is the page for it.

next you need to cut the pipes.

then lengthen the brake vacuum hose just a little more than i have here.

then by a new and longer hose for the brake booster.

and then don't forget about the idle controller electrical connection like I did and had a spare plug left over when it was all finished. Of course it is behind the vacuum air chamber and you have to remove everything you just put in to get to it.

You will find you need to undo the brake master cylinder and lift it up to work in here. the fuel filter gets in the way so take it out for the time being. use mirrors to get to the screws.

next get an oil filter relocation kit because your not going to be able to get the filter out after that is installed.

The manifold sits more forward and wider so it blocks the filter when you try and get it out.
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