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Default R32 differences

- 08/21/'89 BNR32 Shipped

- 02/22/'90 BNR32 NISMO Announced(03/11 Shipped)
Air intake in front bumper
Sub rear spoiler added
Side protector modified
Protection net removed
Air guide for intercooler newly added
Special Turbine
Special exhaust manihold(I don't know how to spell)
Without ABS, an Air Conditioner, rear windshield and audio
Only available gungray metalic color

- 07/19/'91 N1 BNR32 announced and shipped
With GT-R NISMO aero parts
Without ABS, an Air Conditioner, rear windshield and audio
Pin hole disused in brake rotor
air guide equipment for brake which sticks to tension rod
light weight 2 headlight ( I don't know how to translate)
# After 02/'92 Turbine is replaced into metal

- 08/20/'91 Minor change. Middle model
Bar added in door (50kg increased in weight)
Projector light modified(H3C->H1)
Driver's air bag optional
Shape of clank shaft modified
Cylinder block modified (reinforced partly and lighten)
Rear caliper seal modified
Interior partly changed

- 02/03/'93 Minor change Late model. V-spec added
Rear dif cover fin removed
Clutch modified (push -> pull)
Synchronizers modified
Brembo caliper added(V-spec)
ETS program modified(V-spec)
Tires changed (V-spec: 225/50-17)
BBS mesh special wheel (V-spec)
# N1 model gets to based on V-spec

- 02/14/'94 V-spec2 added
Tire changed 245/45-17
# N1 model gets based on V-spec2
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