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Default need help/opinion

hey guys, i am working on my rb20det atm and i have come across a few issues that i need help with and also if any one has some advice for me to

ok so the rb started to play up it was choking in the low rpm range untill it hit boost then would fix it self untill its no under boost again it was doing it for about 1 week or so, at first i though it was my coil packs so i replaced them, while i was at it i decided to check the spark plugs and they where fouled up some where wet and some where dry there was only one that has no carbon build up on it or very little any ways..

i did a compression test and these are the numbers that came back i did the test 3 times and they where the same on all pots.
1. 130
2. 140
3. 135
4. 140
5. 145
6. 140

after changing the packs and putting new plugs in, it made no difference at all, then i though it could be the injectors as it had low fuel pressure and it sounded like one was not working, it had GTR injectors on there, so i brought new ones installed them and still no difference, then i started to notice that it was blowing a light blue smoke when putting your foot down.. (after a while it became alot) i cracked the shits with it parked it up and decided to put new gaskets on the top end from the head up, which is what i am up to doing now but.

when i got the car i was told that it had ARP pistons con rods and over sized valves but he was full of crap its all 100% completely stock so sorta pissed off about it but i had the feeling he was not telling the truth any ways..

looking at the old head gasket i cant find any major rips or tares in the head gasket yet while pulling the head bolts out some where covered in oil and others had oil with water mixed in it yet the oil i drained out of the sump was fine. is it because i caught it early that the water is not mixing with the oil in the sump ?

this is my first time working on an rb to this extent, and i have been following the manual producer to the letter.

while i have the head off should i take the pistons out ? could the piston rings be causing the low compression? and should i just upgrade to ARP pistons rods bearings ?

the top of the pistons look ok besides no 1 and no 6 they both have alot of carbon built up on them..

thank you for reading and i hope some one can help me out
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