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Default Modifying RB Hicas Pump

This is a little guide that i put together to show you how to modify an RB hicas power steering pump to work with an s13 chasis that did not come with hicas.

When i got my motor set it came from a car that had hicas. Since my s13 did not come with hicas this has to be modified to work. This is probably one of the easiest steps i have done on my rb swap.

Step 1: Remove the RB power steering pump from the bracket.

Step 2: Remove the four bolts on the back of the rb power steering housing and set aside.

Step 3: Separate the housing and set the top portion aside.

Step 4: Notice the little blades arranged in a clock like manner? These little guys need to come out. I'm assuming that this is what pumps the fluid for the hicas portion of the pump. Centrifical force makes them slide out once the pump is rotating and thus pumps the fluid.

Step 5: Now its time to reassemble the housing. Take note of the pin in the hicas portion of the pump. This pin should be aligned with a hole on the pump housing. Also, make sure the rubber seal isn't damaged or pinched during assembly.

Step 6: Reinstall the four bolts that you removed from step 2.

Now these next few steps are optional as you could just find a bolt that is the same thread as the factory banjo bolt. I opted to use the banjo bolt and just weld the hole shut and grind flat. I did not have a ride to the hardware store and did have a welder handy.If you choose to follow in my footsteps then follow the next few steps.

Step 7: Clean the factory banjo bolt and place in a vice as in the next picture.

Step 8: Weld the hole shut in the factory bano bolt. Allow to cool. Grind flat. Clean. Apply teflon paste or tape.

Step 9: Thread Modified bolt into hicas portion of power steering pump.

Step 10: Reinstall RB Hicas power steering pump onto bracket and adjust belt.

Great if you don't want to buy a new pump
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Default Re: Modifying RB Hicas Pump

Hmmmm nice may do this if I cannot get my hands on an R33 or R34 pump. They have the Hicas setup located in the back of the car separate from the power steering setup. There was a guy that actually made a block-off plate that removed the entire back section entirely. Will try and find it.
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