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  1. WTB: Early 90s Nismo logo Horn button
  2. WTB: Aftermarket BNR32 Front Diff/LSD
  3. WANTED: OEM BNR32 Parts
  4. WTB: 4 inch downpipe
  5. WTB RB20 5SPD Trans
  6. WTB R32 used GTR front rotors,Calgary
  7. WTB: Rb25 crank pulley, 500+ cc injectors
  8. WTB: Dry Sump Pump for RB
  9. WTB: v. good drop-in Cams for R32 RB26
  10. WTB: Custom RB26 Pistons
  11. WTB: OEM Valve Lifters
  12. WTB: r32 gtst bumper rebar
  13. WTB: R32 radiator
  14. WTB: Mechanical fuel pump mount
  15. WTB: intake (y) pipe (twin turbo)
  16. WTB series 2 rb25 tranny!
  17. Wtb: gtr trunk lip, and or non oem wing.
  18. WANTED: RB20 Motor
  19. WTB: r32 gtst rebar / bumper
  20. WTB: R32 GTR Power Steering Pump
  21. WTB Short Shifter + Knob
  22. WTB: RB26 Block & Head
  23. WTB ASAP Lightened Flywheel
  24. WTB: Gutted Cat
  25. WTB steering wheel hub *HICAS*
  27. WTB: Tuned ECU, BNR32/RB26DETT
  28. WTB GTR FMIC piping kit
  29. WTB: Air filters for GTR
  30. WTB Wheels for gtr. 18x10 or 9.5 , with good offset
  31. WTB boost gauge(psi) and pod for clean look
  32. WANTED TO RENT: Wheels/Tires in Calgary
  33. wtb : trim pieces
  34. Want: Race parts for BNR32
  35. wtb:Tomei oil baffle
  36. WTB: GTR turbo outlet pipes (R34 or Tomei or HKS etc)
  37. LF/WTB brake parts
  38. WTB: Rear Coilovers for GTS-T (or 240)
  39. WTB R32 GTR 16x8 wheels
  40. WTB Shift Knob
  41. Need: bnr32 right front fender+corner light...
  42. WTB: Stock R32 GTR intercooler
  43. WTB: GT2860R-5 N1 Turbos
  44. WTB: 300zx coil packs
  45. WTB GTR/GTS4 front lower outer ball joints
  46. WTB: AEM EMS or Power FC D-detro
  47. WTB: Stock GTR Turbos
  48. LF: Front end parts
  49. WTB ASAP - Hood and Bumper.Front lip '90GTR
  50. Wanted RB26 HEAD!!!
  51. WTB: 100,000km Tune up parts
  52. WTB Timing belt, Rod Bolts, Dump pipes
  53. Wtb: gtr hood
  54. WTB: HKS Hard piping kit.
  55. WTB: Thermostat
  56. WTB: engine vacuum line kit
  57. WTB RB25det NEO ECU
  58. WTB: GTR Front Bumper
  59. WTB: Battery Tie Down
  60. WTB: -10an O-Rings
  61. WTB r33 OEM deck bracket and face plate
  62. WTB: Good used (or new) RB26 ignitor
  63. WTB- Aftermarket Intercooler/ with couplers
  64. > Wtb: Series 1.5- 2 R33 Working Spoiler Light.
  65. WTB: OEM RB26 down pipe
  66. WTB: My build list
  67. WTB: shift and ebrake boots!
  68. WTB: genuine n1 oil pump rb26
  69. WTB: Gtr front wheel bearing
  70. WTB: OEM RB26 Turbo
  71. WTB: thermostatic oil sandwhich plate and oil cooler core
  72. lightweight flywheel rb26
  73. WTB: BNR32 R-LSD (QC Bound)
  74. WTB Tensioner and idler Spring for RB20
  75. WTB: Window Regulator
  76. WTB: rb26 injector seals asap!!please
  77. WTB RB20-25 MAF
  78. WTB: GTR Transfer Case
  79. GTR bumper (Preferably N1)
  80. WTB: R34 Getrag Bell Housing
  81. WTB blown/low comp 26 (ontario)
  82. WTB RB25 TURBO
  83. WTB: CV boots front
  84. WTB: Bolt on R23 Turbos
  85. WTB: RB26 clutch fan
  86. Needed Exhaust manifold stud spacer!
  87. WTB exterior parts
  88. Part Number needed
  89. WTB: Trust Gracer Front Bumper - GTR R32
  90. WTB: GTR Passenger Corner Light.
  91. WTB new rb20det oem water pump
  92. WTB Apexi 3 bar MAP
  93. WTB - Turbo Air Inlet Gaskets
  94. WTB: 350mm Steering Wheel
  95. Multiplate clutch 89 gtr
  96. WTB: R32 fender liners
  97. Powersteering pump
  98. WTB ASAP: Apexi 3 bar map
  99. LF OR FT: GTR Trunks.
  100. r32 Nismo N1 Turbine Wheels/shaft 14411-06u00
  101. WTB: 320KPH White Clusters
  102. WTB HICAS Delete Arms (R32GTR)
  103. WTB: N1 Front Bumper Vents
  104. WTB Ring gear stopper ME LOVE U LONG TIME!
  105. WTB rb26 oil pan without diff
  106. RB26 clutch fan
  107. Looking to find stock twin turbo inlets and complete pipe
  108. rb25det ecu plug
  109. rb25det front faceing intake manifold
  110. WTB: Turbocharged pressure control solenoid
  111. WTB: R32 GTR power steering lines
  112. WTB: R32 GTR Outer tire end, rack and piston boot, rotors
  114. WTB: R32 GTR front end links
  115. WTB: RB25 NEO CAS
  116. R33 Spoiler end caps
  117. WTB: dash/cluster harness only
  118. WTB transmission dust plate rb25/rb26
  119. WTB: RB26DETT awd oil pan wanted
  120. need parts for r32 gtst type m