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  1. ARP Fastener Material Grade Reference and Information
  2. Skyline R32-33-34 Model Year, Code Designations and Generation Variants
  3. Nissan RB Engine Bore & Stroke
  4. RB Engine Series Quick Guide
  5. Nissan turbo guide
  6. R32 differences
  7. Wheel offset and info
  8. Skyline release dates and Chassis Codes
  9. Skyline chassis dimensions
  10. Fluid Capacities
  11. RB26 Vacuum diagram
  12. skyline model number info
  13. RB26 Oil Pump Info
  14. Wheel Info
  15. BNR32 GTR Badge Location
  16. the rear steers a guide to HICAS
  17. R32 Factory Alignment Specs
  18. GT-R Paint Codes [R32, R33, R34, R35]